Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Solar Revenue Put?

Call it insurance, call it credit enhancement, call it risk mitigation. Really, the Solar Revenue Put is peace of mind for both lenders and solar power asset owners. Simply put, the Solar Revenue Put makes solar bankable by transferring the production risk of solar power portfolios off of your balance sheet and onto the books of global insurance carriers. All of our insurance capacity partners are rated investment-grade.

My firm ORIGINATEs SOLAR DEBT. how does the Solar Revenue Put protect my cashflows?

For lenders, the Solar Revenue Put addresses the variability and unpredictability of solar power production. Less uncertainty means more dollars deployed per transaction, greater protection of principal, and fewer deals stuck in the credit committee.  

My company owns solar assets. How does the Solar Revenue Put lower my cost of capital and DSCR?

the Solar Revenue Put assures your debt investors that their cash flows are secure. This allows you to lower debt service coverage ratios and raise advance rates, enabling you to re-deploy your capital in growing your business, where it belongs.

Yes, the Solar Revenue Put covers residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar assets.  If you can interconnect it, the Solar Revenue Put can guarantee its production. 

Does The Solar Revenue Put cover all solar asset classes?

the Solar Revenue Put covers production-related revenue shortfalls caused by weather conditions, shading, sub-optimally operating equipment and more.

What kinds of revenue shortfalls does the Solar Revenue Put cover?

Less than you think! The Solar Revenue Put's “secret sauce” is the veracity of its data and actuarial analysis. In collaboration with kWh Analytics, we remove the guesswork previously used to estimate cash flows and replace it with a statistically valid assessment of actual asset performance from the entire solar market.  No other product can predict the performance of solar assets with such precision because they simply do not have access to this extensive amount of data.

sounds expensive. how much does it cost?

Yes! The entire power generation business has been transformed by the availability of data and how that data can reduce cash flow anxieties. In fact, all natural gas plants built in the U.S. in recent years have involved a similar hedge (Norton Rose Fulbright has a great analysis). And now it’s happening in solar, with the Solar Revenue Put.



No catch. The Solar Revenue Put is backed by the full strength of the global insurance market. And the Solar Revenue Put team is spearheaded by solar finance veterans with over $3.5B in solar transaction experience. Not to mention our world class team of data scientists constantly making our predictive models more robust. the Solar Revenue Put is the first bankable production guarantee for the solar industry.

What's the catch?

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